Thursday, October 28, 2010

UMNO Wants Proof

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah had said a victory in the Galas by-election is needed to prove UMNO’s relevance to the Malay community. And he acknowledged the fact that UMNO needs the support of the Malays because it is a Malay party. If I am reading between the lines, I interpret this statement as UMNO giving up on the non-Malay vote. But then, the Malays only constitute 61.63 % of the total electorate, and so the non-Malay vote will be decisive. If I read the mainstream news, BN will win Galas hands-down. I am not so sure. I still think PAS will win. And if they do, it will be because of the Chinese vote. And in Batu Sapi, both BN and SAPP square each other in a showdown that is also going to be very interesting. Yet, my bet is for PR to sneak in by the side door because I expect a Mexican standoff between the other two parties. Of course, if I take to heart the stuff in the papers and/or the blogs – PKR doesn’t stand even an iota of chance. Still, no one will know who is going to win until the voters cast their ballots.

Celtic fired three goals inside 13 minutes before surviving a St Johnstone comeback to win 3-2 in a pulsating Co-operative Insurance Cup tie. Anthony Stokes scored two (8, 13) and Niall McGinn scored one (12) for Celtic.

Arsenal bombarded the Magpies’ goalmouth four times to help them into the Carling Cup last eight. The first goal came from an attempted nodded clearance from Newcastle’s Ryan Taylor that hit his own keeper, Tim Krul before going into the net (45+2). Then Theo Walcott raced through and dinked in a second (53), followed by Nick Bendtner when he curled in a shot (83), and finally, Walcott again raced clear and sidefooted past Krul for his second goal in this match and his sixth goal of the season (88).

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