Thursday, October 28, 2010

Malaysians Cannot Spell

Today is the twelfth day I am without a car! My disabled Satria Neo is still in the workshop. I feel like I have been mothballed. Perhaps in future, I should consider another recourse when my car gets smashed?
Remember my story about the leaking Malaysia Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo that I posted on September 24, 2010? Well, here’s another one…

In Parliament this morning, Rasah MP Loke Siew Fook presented to reporters a brochure whose cover bore the official emblem of “Malaysia, Truly Asia” and the last page had Tourism Malaysia’s web address. The brochure was distributed to all visitors to the Malaysia Pavilion. Yup, the same one in Shanghai.

According to The Malay Mail (October 28, 2010, p 4), Loke was complaining loudly about the way the Tourism people did things which got his goat. Y’see, the brochure contained many spelling errors! Among the misspelled words in the brochure include: “nulticultural” (multicultural), “decelopment” (development), “visitous” (visitors), “locationgs” (locations).

“To know more about Malaysia, we ‘incite’ you to step into the Malaysia Pavilion, which gives fascinating glimpses of the country’s attractions,” read one sentence, using “incite” instead of “invite”.

Loke asked, “Why didn’t any of the Tourism Ministry officials proofread this?” Duh! Does he expect a response? Surely not!

This DAP fella doth protest too much! Mistakes do happen, right? Aiyah, to err is human, to err over and over is Malaysian! Still, this brochure contained at least eleven instances of wrongful spelling.

But seriously though, Loke was right when he said the brochure was an embarrassment and gave Malaysia a bad impression. Already, we cannot speak proper English, now we cannot even spell correctly! And we gripe and grumble and grouch why we Malaysians are always misunderstood.

Where are you, Ng Yen Yen? Would you care to explain this faux pas?

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