Thursday, October 7, 2010

Malaysia-Singapore Ties

Yesterday, I finally fulfilled my promise to Victor Lee to visit the ITC Toastmasters Club. My, oh my, there were 31 people in a crowded meeting room. A good diversity of people from France, Myanmar, Taiwan, Australia and of course, Malaysia, and from different Toastmasters clubs – MIMKL, E&Y, Taman Indrahana, Speecom and AmBank Group. I was volunteered to take part in the Table Topics session, and unsurprisingly, was voted the Best Table Topics speaker. I also evaluated Khairul who did his CC speech # 2 and my good friend, Ivan Cheng was the Best Speech Evaluator. An enjoyable meeting!

It’s interesting to read Mahathir Mohamad’s blog posting of September 14, 2010 on “Malaysia according to LKY” – LKY referring to his nemesis, Lee Kuan Yew. I am not surprised by the former’s remarks about the latter, and at the end of the day, both these fellas have very strong views about lots of things and not excluding each other. In fact, I am reminded that both these two statesmen are like bittergourds – all wrinkled and bitter whenever they speak about Malaysia-Singapore ties!

I am of the opinion that Lee Kuan Yew has made decisions that were right and wrong. Likewise, Mahathir Mohamad. Still, both Singapore and Malaysia must move on. And so, why must we continue to dig up the past, to resurrect a checkered history? Life goes on – let’s look forward!

And by the way, I am perplexed as to how Mahathir can call the “Malaysian Malaysia” clamor a racist slogan? It goes to show that even if some of us are more than willing to make the claim that we are smart, we can also be stupid at the same time!

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