Friday, October 22, 2010

Yen Yen's Rebuttal

Wow, Ng Yen Yen got hot under the collar! The Malaysian Insider reported yesterday that the feisty Tourism Minister flayed the opposition (i.e. Tian Chua and company) for nitpicking her ministry's bloated travel bills, pointing out that her promotion strategies had successfully attracted more tourist arrivals. It seems that she whipped out her Apple iPad to show reporters statistical proof of how her travels abroad and drop in promotional expenditure had helped revitalize the country's tourism industry. In short, if she hadn’t travelled and lent a more personal touch to her tourism promotions – after all, you cannot depend on those hopeless Malaysian tourism officials – the tourists would have stopped coming to the country! Didn’t you understand what she’s claiming? She made a difference! She single-handedly ensured that the industry is alive and well! Her “promotion work abroad had attracted more than 23 million tourists last year” (Webpage

I think we marketers can learn much from her! Here is one gutsy lady who cuts her ministry’s promotion budget and yet, tourist arrivals had the opposite effect! The statistics rolled effortlessly off her tongue: “In 2008, we spent RM16 per tourist, in 2007, we spent RM18 and in 2006, we spent RM20”. And last year, it was only RM14 per tourist, she had purposely highlighted. I am visibly impressed, so impressed that tears are streaming down my cheeks! I thought I did but I really don’t know my marketing stuff at all. Now I must be humble; I must re-learn marketing. Ng Yen Yen is the world’s greatest marketer because she has found a way to produce superior results (i.e. increased tourist arrivals) by reducing resource usage (i.e. decreasing promotion costs). She is doing a fantastic job and by my calculations, by 2016, she doesn’t need to spend a single cent (or should it be sen?) and tourists will still keep flowing into Malaysia! She’s a marketing specialist alright! As she said “You want to talk to a specialist, you talk to me”! Of course, all we need to ensure is that we keep on footing her burgeoning travel bills!

The Europa League Group K tie between Liverpool and Napoli ended in a goalless draw. Most commentators said it was a good result because the Reds fielded youngsters and fringe players! If we are happy with a draw, perhaps we should continue to field these players – instead of Torres – so that at the very least, there won’t be humiliating defeats, just lackluster draws!

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