Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ultimate Eatlist 2018's Top 10

The world’s top 500 food experiences, ranked! Lonely Planet’s top chefs, food writers and their food-obsessed authors were asked to name their favorite, most authentic gastronomic encounters – and this is the result! 

For Malaysians especially, Ultimate Eatlist (or Ultimate Eats in the US) is a useful, if not must-'eat' bucket list because we are foodies and we love to travel too. 

The Top 10 foods: 

01. Pintxos in San Sebastián, SPAIN 
02. Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA 
03. Sushi in Tokyo, JAPAN 
04. Beef brisket in Texas, USA 
05. Som tum in Bangkok, THAILAND 
06. Smørrebrød in Copenhagen, DENMARK 
07. Crayfish in Kaikoura NEW ZEALAND 
08. Bibimbap in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
09. Pizza Margherita in Naples, ITALY 
10. Dim sum in HONG KONG

Curry Laksa (also Curry Mee) is a tasty and spicy Malaysian coconut-based curried noodle soup usually topped with shredded chicken, shrimps, cockles, fried tofu, and bean sprouts:

Image credit: VKEONG.COM

My favorite though is this Curry Laksa (Malacca Nyonya Laksa):

Image credit: 

NOTE: Editorial Director Tom Hall explains that “this is not a list of the 500 best restaurants or chefs or dishes. This is about the overall experience of eating a particular dish in a specific location”.

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