Saturday, August 25, 2018

Malaysian Favorites in Ultimate Eatlist 2018

Continuing from this morning's post on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist 2018 – and not counting the #2 ranked Curry Laksa – ten other Malaysian favorites have also made it to the Top 500: 

060. Ikan bakar 
123. Penang assam laksa 
268. Beef rendang 
299. Wantan mee 
352. Kaya toast 
404. Penang roti canai 
432. Char kway teow 
445. Durian 
464. Hokkien mee 
468. Bak kut teh

For Malaysians, there is NO EXCUSE but for the rest who are not familiar with the above – the very brief descriptions and pictures given below may, hopefully, allow you to be clued in to these Malaysian delectables. 

Ikan bakar is charcoal-grilled fish, usually marinated with mixtures of spice pastes, and sometimes with belacan or kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) wrapped in banana leaves:

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Penang assam laksa is a spicy and tangy fish-based rice noodle broth with toppings that include shredded mackerel and sliced vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, onions, chillies, common mint, daun kesom (laksa leaf), pink bunga kantan (pink torch ginger), pineapple slices and a dollop of sweet prawn paste called heh ko:

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Beef rendang is slow-cooked dry beef curry deeply spiced with ginger and tumeric, kaffir lime and chilis:

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Wantan mee is an egg-based stringy noodle dish served together with char siew (barbecued pork), wantans (dumplings), leafy vegetables, spring onions and some pickled green chili. It can be done either with a rich chicken broth or dry using a soy sauce base:

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Kaya toast is roti bakar or toasts served with a generous spread of kaya, a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs:

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Roti canai is Indian flatbread served with dhal:

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Char kway teow is stir-fried flat rice noodles cloaked in wok hei, and topped with prawns, cockles, bean sprouts, Chinese chives and egg:

Image credit: Hizwan Hamid 

Durian is of course, the King of Fruits and I have blogged about this heavenly fruit before:

Image credit: Chew Seng Kim

Hokkien mee is a savoury dish of thick egg-based noodles fried with dark soya sauce and pork fat (or lard):

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Bak kut teh is herbs-infused broth with pork ribs. Options of lean and fat meats and dry or wet:

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Gosh, this post is really making me hungry again!

In fact, after my earlier posting, I was feeling famished. On top of that, I suddenly had a craving for Indomie, my favorite instant noodles from Indonesia:

So I ended up at 'Q' Bistro in Jalan SS15/4C in Subang Jaya to have my breakfast:

Indomie double with telur mata kerbau (sunny side up egg) and my usual Coke

And, indeed, I found happiness this morning!

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