Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pigcasso, The Artist

Oink, oink! The world’s painting pig! 

The sow is apparently rarely seen without a paintbrush in her mouth – spending the majority of her time at her easel in South Africa and creating artworks that sell for up to $2,000 (£1,600). 

She was originally bred to be slaughtered at a pig farm but was rescued at four weeks old by her now owner, Joanne Lefson, who was upset by the squalid conditions she was kept in. 

Aptly named Pigcasso after her namesake Picasso – she started painting in October 2016.

Like many precocious geniuses, however, Pigcasso discovered her talent by accident. 

Lefson tried out different activities in a bid to entertain the four-week-old piglet, but an initial interest in football quickly faded once Pigcasso smelt the paints. 

Armed with lots of piggy treats and a technique called clicker training, usually used to teach dogs new tricks – Lefson taught her pet to paint. 

She knows how to dip the brush in the paint, how to apply it onto a canvas and color by making long flourishes of the brush. 

And Pigcasso has been producing full paintings without being prompted. 

Images credit: Joanne Lefson/Caters

Image credit:, April 08, 2017

Pigcasso’s owner said: “I do not force her to paint – she paints when she wants to. After all, at 450 pounds, she’s definitely the boss”. 

Every original Pigcasso is personally signed by her nose-tip – and all limited-edition prints are sold with a certificate of authenticity. 

She even has her own art gallery – with art collectors describing her vigorous brush strokes as "abstract". Lefson says her artistic style is probably what you'd call expressionist. 

BTW, the funds raised from art sales go towards the South African Farm Sanctuary, a haven for rescued farm animals. 

Today’s EPL match between Liverpool and West Ham United saw the Reds get their 2018-2019 campaign to a perfect start when they sealed an emphatic 4-0 win.

The goal scorers were Mo Salah (19), Sadio Mane (45+2, 53) and Daniel Sturridge (88).

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