Thursday, August 2, 2018

Revealing Styles in the Aisles

It is a fatuously flighty exercise in flippant frivolity when Malaysian politicians couldn’t find anything important to raise in parliament – that they decided to bring up the issue of cabin crew garb. 

I remember there used to be loud protests about AirAsia’s attire. Now, PAS parliamentarians are raising hackles about the outfits worn by Malaysia Airlines’ female flight attendants:

Why this preoccupation with uniforms? We are telling the whole world that Malaysians are prudish – assuming of course, you believe their apparel is really revealing! 

Compare us with how other airlines clothe their cabin crew – and you can decide for yourself: 

China’s Hainan Airlines show off Paris-based Laurence Xu’s creations, taking inspiration from the cheongsam:

Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW air went with pink skirts and hats for women: 

Etihad Airways' uniforms combine 1960s Paris couture combine 1960s couture and contemporary runway looks:

Air Malta’s cabin crew wear suits complemented by colourful scarves and ties which mirror the uniqueness of the Maltese Islands with their proud heritage, colors, culture, symbols, hospitality and language:

China Eastern Airlines' uniforms, designed by Christian Lacroix are "simple, beautiful and dignified" – a fusion of an elegant oriental style and Shanghai style fashion:

Gulf Air's uniforms have a history of embracing French haute couture fashions: 

The red-hot AirAsia's uniforms. I'm referring to the color lah:

Virgin Atlantic’s uniforms feature a double-breasted ‘drape coat’, which can be worn fastened or open:

Korean Air’s uniforms are a mix of eggshell blue, white and cream but what is really striking is the gravity-defying neck scarves and the ribbon-like hairpins which remind us of “binyeo”, the traditional Korean hair accessory:

Russian airlines Aeroflot with their bright red vintage-inspired uniforms:

Emirates' uniforms are best described as iconic and they have remained relatively unchanged since 1997, with just a few minor tweaks in 2008:

Singapore Airlines have the same uniform since 1968 – in fact, they are considered to be the "longest serving uniform" in the skies:

Anyway, Transport Minister Anthony Loke yesterday advised the objectors to avert their gaze – it’s as simple as that! 

In case you’re wondering about my view – I love legs! Now, you know! LOL!

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