Saturday, August 18, 2018

100 Days Report Card

Yesterday, August 17, marked the 100th day since Pakatan Harapan came into power in Malaysia. 

They made history when they became the government of the day after winning GE14 on May 09 – finally dethroning Barisan Nasional’s overbearing reign of more than six long decades. 

Here’s the list of what the PH government had successfully implemented as pledged in their 100-day election manifesto: 

1. The Goods and Services Tax introduced by the previous BN government effective April 01, 2015 has been zero rated and will be replaced with the Sales and Services Tax effective September 1, 2018. 

2. The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) provided a respite for 433,000 borrowers blacklisted by the previous government for not settling their loans; also repayments for those earning RM4000 and below have been deferred. 

3. Fuel prices are no longer floated on weekly basis. The RON95 is set at a subsidized rate per liter and the RON97 is free floated based on world prices. 

4. Costly mega projects like the ECRL, MRT3 and HSR are on hold and under scrutiny. Already, MRT3’s price tag is reduced by almost half; ECRL and HSR are being renegotiated and their viability to be re-examined. 

As for election promises that have yet to be fulfilled or still being worked out by the PH government, they are: 

1. FELDA settlers have yet to see their debts reduced or written off as promised, but efforts are underway to write off certain portion of the debts. 

2. The Employment Provident Fund for housewives – as a social security net for women – is still a work in progress. 

3. Minimum wage cannot be given the nod for now – and will only be done gradually. 

4. Royal Commissions of Enquiry into scandal-ridden institutions (e.g. 1MDB, FELDA, MARA, Tabung Haji) – still waiting. 

5. Reverting Sabah and Sarawak's rights as stipulated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963, including on the petroleum royalties due to both states. 

6. The healthcare scheme similar to Selangor’s Skim Peduli Sihat promised for the B40 group is yet to be initiated. 

It's simple arithmetic really. The PH government achieved 4 out of 10. That's a 40% pass.

You decide if that score is acceptable or not. 

But Pakatan Harapan would do well to remember that a promise is a promise.

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