Saturday, August 11, 2018

Communication Isn't Optional

I spied upon this Toastmasters handbill when I was at the IJM office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on Thursday and the headline caught my eye:

It is so true. 

Let’s face it, whether it’s verbal or even non-verbal – communication isn’t optional.

Seriously, that’s what we Toastmasters believe in seriously. 

Who doesn’t know that we ought to develop, build and fine-tune this important skill, along with the other skills we gain with Toastmasters – that give us the confidence, the clarity and the capacity to: 
  • Survive job interviews 
  • Give powerful business presentations 
  • Effectively teach classes and/or training sessions 
  • Lead successful seminars and/or workshops 
  • Present persuasive opening arguments, summations and/or cross examinations 
  • Deliver different types of speeches – that can both entertain and educate 
Don’t underestimate the magic of Toastmasters – I can personally vouch for it. I have ten years, one month and ten days of Toastmasters under my belt.

Last week, I was actively looking for two speaking opportunities – and even as I secured them, I lost them just as quickly. 

But thanks to IJM Toastmasters Club and Metro Toastmasters Club, I managed to replace the said slots – both meetings on Thursday last week. (You may read about them in yesterday's post titled "Colorful Language").

I’m thankful to Sugumaran and Betty Phua respectively for their kind arrangements to accommodate me – and I have now successfully completed CC Round #48 and ACB Round #5. 

And together with my completed ALB #7 – I have earned another 3 awards for 2018-2019. 

My updated Toastmasters achievements are as follows:

Good job, Victor!

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