Monday, August 27, 2018

Second-hand Smoke Poses Real Health Risks

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Researchers at the University of Cincinnati in the US of A have found that second-hand tobacco smoke poses real health risks to teenagers’ health. 

The study looked at data gathered from 7,389 non-smoking teens without asthma over the age of twelve. 

The researchers found that teens who reportedly were exposed to just one hour of second-hand smoke per week were 1.5 times more likely to find it harder to exercise, two times more likely to experience wheezing during or after exercise, two times more likely to have a dry cough at night, and 1.5 times more likely to miss school due to illness, when compared to teens who were not exposed. 

Adolescents exposed to second-hand smoke were also less likely to report very good or excellent overall health and physical health, and more likely to seek treatment at an urgent care or hospital emergency department. 

“There is no safe level of second-hand smoke exposure,” said lead investigator Ashley Merianos. 

Therefore, it is time to consider a total ban on tobacco products. 

In Sunday’s Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Hamilton Academical, the former had struggled before they carved a 1-0 win. Thanks to Dedryck Boyata's goal in the sixty-third minute. 

One sports writer described this game as “a very underwhelming Celtic performance”. It reminded me of Liverpool’s match on Saturday. 

It’s weird – but this morning, I had the same craving for Indomie again. 

So I went back to ‘Q’ Bistro for my morning fix: 

Indomie double with telur goreng (fried egg) and my usual Coke @ RM10.20 

The other time, I said I found ‘happiness’. Well, it’s not true. 

When I have Coke and Indomie together – it’s ‘double happiness’, LOL!

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