Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Protest on Lynas Doorstep

The above video clip recorded during a PKR Fundraising Dinner in Rawang on July 06, 2012 serves an Anwar Ibrahim message that is congruous, cogent and compelling. I strongly recommend that every Malaysian should give this a listen!

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On Monday, one thousand anti-Lynas protesters massed some 50 meters from the gates of the Lynas facility and staged a noisy New Year’s Eve protest. In the rain.

The protest was the highlight of a 300 car convoy from Kuala Lumpur to Gebeng, Pahang in (another) bid to pressure the federal government to bar the refinery from operating.

Even national laureate A Samad Said was there. The crowd, armed with umbrella in one hand and a lit candle in another, fell silent as the 80-year-old poet spoke.

"After this night, if our grandchildren were to ask us about this, we can tell them, on the night of Dec 31, 2012, we were at this place that threatened the future.

"That your grandfather and fellow comrades was prepared to oppose this danger," he said," before reciting a poem for the protest entitled "Tanah yang terdera" (Tormented land) into midnight.

The only way, as I see it, to stop Lynas is to vote BN out, more so in Pahang. Wong Tack is right we must have a regime change! Pahang voters, your move!

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