Thursday, January 10, 2013

LV Goes Small

Just last month (December 31, 2012, to be exact), I had blogged about LV. Today, I read that LV just introduced the 'Small is beautiful' mini handbags campaign. And so I wish to reiterate that if my students have been regularly checking out the Web and reading, they will come across a lot of stuff about LV. This, in turn, will have benefitted them when they handled exam questions posed in my ‘Louis Vuitton’ case study. [Students: I am trying to prove a point here! I am telling you that even on the Net, there’s much learning to be done! Facebooking is not the only activity that you should be engaged in].

With the popularity of smartphones and the accelerating demand for all things small – think down-sized tablets and iPads – the trend for small handbags is poised to take over the bag of choice of fashionable women-on-the-go as they will now be able to pack their essentials for work or play into a bag half the size of the usual carryall.

This time around, LV gives recognition to the influence of fashion bloggers in defining what's hot and what's not at the moment style-wise. The legendary French label enlisted bloggers Elin Kling, Miroslava Duma and Hanneli Mustaparta to convince LV fans of the big impact small handbags can have.

These handbags are very different from the roomy fall/winter 2012 handbags women previously saw. These are the “Mini Sacs” leather goods collection that features a youthful reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic shapes – Alma, Monceau and Pochette – in smaller sizes topped with vibrant colors. As for the overall inspiration of the campaign, Parisian chicness is definitely the touch that easily stands out. The polished allure is unmatched when it comes to the visual impact and elegance it implies and the three fashionistas proved once again that the privileged position fits them like a glove.

Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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