Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jakim Warns Muslims

The Malaysian Insider reported that the Friday sermon in mosques nationwide had the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) warning Muslims of attempts by “enemies of Islam” to confuse them into believing that all religions are the same.

Muslims were also told that being too open-minded and allowing Islamic rights to be abused by other religions was a “dangerous” act.

“It is very clear that today, enemies of Islam are seeking to divert and undermine the Muslim community’s faith.

“They are united among themselves and are attempting, with their many tricks and ways, to stake their claim on the usage of ‘Allah’ in their scriptures,” the sermon said.

Church leaders are unhappy that the federal Islamic authority appears to be bent on provoking mistrust and intolerance between the country’s Muslims and Christians over the protracted dispute on non-Muslims’ usage of “Allah” to refer to their God.

It is right that they refrained from denouncing Jakim, noting that the authority reserves the right to preach to all Islamic followers like how church leaders could preach to parishioners, adding that it was time to lay the matter to rest.

But Catholic priest Reverend Father Simon Labrooy (left) was more forward with his words, asking if the individual or individuals who penned the sermon in Jakim had unity or division in his mind. He said it was not the Malaysian Muslims who were “waging a war” on the Christians, but suggested that it was the person who wrote the sermon who should be investigated for his intention.

According to two PAS leaders contacted by The Malaysian Insider, Jakim had failed to portray Islam as a religion of peace and understanding, and had instead shown intolerance.

“Jakim’s move was an attempt to incite the sentiment of hatred towards the Christians.

“This attitude is inappropriate and irresponsible” maintained Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

Khalid accused Jakim of being the reason why some Muslims are confused over their religious beliefs, arguing that the authority had failed to strengthen the faith of Muslims here. He said if Jakim believed that the faith of Muslim here has weakened, it should have used the sermon to differentiate between Islamic and Christian teachings, instead of belittling followers of the latter faith.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub agreed with his party colleague’s views, adding that JAKIM had become BN’s tool to flare hatred at a time when religions tension was already at a high.

“I’d like to ask, what is Jakim’s role and responsibility when preaching to Muslims?

The Kubang Kerian MP agreed with Khalid that Jakim should have sought to resolve the polemic over the usage of “Allah” by explaining to the non-Muslims the importance of the word.

He said that instead, Jakim had chosen to spread a sense of uneasiness and hatred between both sides, even giving a false impression of Islam to the non-Muslims.

It seems that it is always BN – actually it is UMNO – that loves to play the race and religion cards to win favor with the majority Malay Muslim vote bank. 

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Patrick said...

Please kindly bear in mind when reading all these 'religious threats' in the MSM. They are just side-show, distraction, smoke screen, etc,etc to divert serious attention away from the key issues like the ongoing Sabah RCI. Mahathir has been proven guilty. Now we have all these rehashed religious issues in the MSM again. Dont participate and get sidetracked over salt in the sea. Only idiots will fall for this ruse time and again. And there seems to be plenty of them.

On another note, I strongly recommend the new movie, 'Life of Pi'. Its definitely worth watching. The cinematography is excellent and the storyline unique. The acting was Oscar-award good. I downloaded the movie and watched it a few times as it is simply THAT good. I give it a rating of 8/10.