Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gore-fest in London

In London’s Bethnal Green Road near Brick Lane, Koch Media, in conjunction with Miss Cakehead, set up The Helpers-inspired pop-up shop that serves cocktails and cakes – but these are not the ordinary versions that you and I are familiar with. Instead the palatable offerings feature dismembered bodies, murder weapons, cigarette butts, car batteries with wires, blood-spattered knives, bags of vomit, Chinese takeout meals, and even a television -- all edible and all yummy. There really are no words for the dissonance presented by such a scene but it's grotesquely grim.

BTW the Helpers is a 2012 horror movie and the above-mentioned special promotion last Friday was designed to celebrate the film’s release on DVD that is available from January 21, 2013 through Amazon and other retailers.

Welcome to London’s tasty gore-fest!

Wound “cutcakes”

Chunk of female flesh cake

Chocolate weapons

Gingerbread car battery

Blood hand print macarons

Marzipan hand with chocolate rope

This decapitated head is actually a lemon drizzle flavored cake

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