Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raunchy Police Dinner Show

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Malaysian police in Shah Alam were caught with their pants down when blogs and Facebook highlighted a dinner organized by and for their personnel had featured a raunchy stage-show by scantily-clad performers.

Yesterday, Shah Alam district police chief Zahedi Ayob (left) showed his deft political skills when he explained away the said performance by insisting that it was not in the official program and implying that it could have been the work of the hotel where the event was held. 

What a lame excuse and it shows that even the police are adroit in the art of finger-pointing.

A red-faced Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah who personally responded to a Facebook post on the above, said disciplinary action would be taken against those found responsible.

Can somebody tell me which hotel hosted the said event? I want to contact their management – not bad wor! You agree to have your function in their hotel and they throw in a free show!

And where is JAIS? MAIS? Does anybody know if the Selangor Sultan is angry that this happened in his beloved state?

I bet you the police buggers really enjoyed the show! It’s a “Majlis Malam Mesra”  with an emphasis on the word 'mesra'!

I can recall that some Bentong folks were visibly upset with DAP when the latter abruptly cancelled an entertainment show during a DAP-organized dinner ceramah near Kg. Telemong on November 17, 2012. Just because PAS members were believed to have strongly objected to the concert. 

At least it demonstrates that the DAP gave due respect to their political allies who were there and who couldn’t be expected to stomach such a show where one of the singers was “dressed inappropriately” (or as the Malays would say, ‘menjolok mata’).

But here, pulak, the police let the show go on until the very end and I can imagine they were breathing heavily and salivating throughout the performance.

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Also, yesterday, the Japanese embassy denied it had confirmed RM207 billion was paid out by their government to Malaysia as compensation for the “Death Railway” victims. [Read my blogpost published on January 06, 2013].

This threatens to become another convoluted story. Perhaps what they meant was that the money was paid but the Embassy is not confirming the matter at this moment in time. 

Does this make sense? I am getting confused now. 

Even if there has been no payment, then shouldn’t Japan just pay up? Hello, Japan?

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