Monday, January 28, 2013

YLP Photos at SMK Subang Utama

More photos of the Youth Leadership Program (January 25-27, 2013) at SMK Subang Utama.

I was really glad to be at this Subang Jaya school because the twenty-plus students were just awesome! And I shall honor them by posting their photos individually:

I must make special mention of two speakers (i.e. Ancjyran Kogelen and Nesrine Mohamed Adnan Sahnoun) on Sunday who were unafraid to share their personal stories with us. And they tugged our heartstrings and stoked our emotions! Very moving indeed! In fact, this cohort of Fifth Formers can make good Toastmasters!

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Patrick said...

Great to see such budding talents, in the face of horrendous education system in Malaysia. There is hope for the future in this far far away galaxy of ours. If only the education system is improved, we shall see more of these budding talents shine and shine a path towards our country's future and progress.

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