Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Tree Photo Necklace

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I spotted this on on Tuesday. Ashley Gilreath has created this amazing necklace from tiny photos of her ancestors: "I casted dollhouse frames from sterling silver and bronze, and printed my family directly onto the glass. I created a box clasp mechanism to support the weight of my loved ones".  Cool!

The Federal Land Development Agency (Felda) has been purchasing Felda Global Venture stocks from the open market in an apparent bid to shore up share prices.

According to announcements made to Bursa Malaysia, Felda acquired a significant 29 million shares in December alone through subsidiary Felda Asset Holdings Company. This is more than a third of the total trading volume of 83.81 million shares for that month.

Felda's acquisition run appeared to have commenced in October, when it bought 711,100 shares. This grew exponentially in November, where it snapped up 8.43 million shares from the open market. The acquisitions bumped up its indirect interests to 18.04 percent from 17 percent previously. This is on top of its 20 percent direct interest.

If you ask analysts, they are likely to say this is not unusual. I don’t quite believe them – they are just trying to be politically correct. I have always been suspicious about this entity called FGVH and if you have been tracking their shares, you know they have been struggling all this while.

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