Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday at HICT

Today's Open Day & Career Fair was better attended, and at the debriefing meeting, we counted something like 43 applications made over the 2 days. Whilst we didn't even manage to come close to our own targets that we have set for ourselves - nonetheless, we fared better than HUC, or so we are told. Still, it is a small consolation because the fact is, we did not achieve the crowd numbers that we anticipated, and neither did we signed on 300 applications. Valuable lessons can be drawn from here though...

As for my talk, it was attended by about 30 persons, and generally, I can say "Future Career Directions: Options After SPM" was well-presented, if I may say so myself. The talk from Toastmasters International on "Become a Communication Maestro" which came on next, saw 23 people attending. Foong Weng Tuck and Chan Siew Peng did this segment, and it was a nice surprise to have Dr. CP Lim on stage to also give her take on this topic. When these individuals speak, it makes me realy proud to be part of the Toastmasters movement - they were so eloquent.
And I am glad too that Blackout Bistro opened for business this weekend because I dearly missed their simple but tasty fare.

I should thank the following for being a great help this weekend: Shireen, Say Pin, Brandon, Rachel Tan, Wai How, Wei Wei, Chin Hooi, Iona, Mathew, Edric Ho, Arun Kannan, Edrickson Duane, Hassen, Pek Kuan, Aisha, E-Foong, Mike Cheang, Ivan, Siew Mei, Jacklyn, and Jane. They went out on a limb for me - thanks, people! Did I leave any names out?

Given how occupied I was this weekend, I had to forgo my football, and believe me, I didn't miss a thing! Both Liverpool and Arsenal persisted in disappointing their fans by giving us uninspired games. Likewise, Celtic. As a matter of fact, all 3 games ended in draws: the Liverpool-Hull match produced a lackluster 2-2 scoreline (Liverpool's Gerrard scoring in both the 24th and 32nd minutes); the Arsenal-Middlesbrough match was equally disagreeable, with a
1-1 scoreline (Arsenal's Adebayor scoring in the 17th minute); and Celtic and Hearts played to a one-all draw (McManus producing the only goal for the Bhoys in the 79th minute). I am so disappointed that I am not putting any photos of the games!

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