Monday, December 29, 2008

NTV7 Breakfast Show

I was searching YouTube for a video clip of the Toastmasters interview on the NTV7 Breakfast Show that was shown on November 10, 2008 – the two Toastmasters being featured were world-class speaker, K Loghandran (a.k.a. Logi) and Joseph Gomez, District 51 Governor (i.e. the territories of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei). Anyway, I found it and I wish to share it with everyone, especially those who are HICT Toastmasters, who had missed Loghandran’s talk at HICT in October…

I am also remembering another talented Toastmaster, Stephen Fernando, whom I have had the privilege to have met. I am intending to invite Stephen Fernando to HICT to give a humor workshop sometime next year. Wei Wei in her capacity as Vice President Public Relations (of our HICT Toastmasters Club) shall have to work harder to bring in the crowd.

With one week to go before the start of the new 2009 academic year, I have been busier than usual, preparing for my classes. I cannot quite recall now but I think I am slotted for either 5 or 6 subjects in January – and one of the subjects that I am hard-pressed to get ready the powerpoint slides is for Strategic Management. As of this morning, I am still doing Lesson 5. It is slow-going but when you insist on doing your own slides, it’s like that lah. But I believe it’s worth it because my students will benefit. Why? Because when I do these slides, I draw upon more than one source – for this subject alone, I am relying on 4 textbooks to put the slides together. OMG, it sure is hard work!

Back to football, and Arsenal managed to carve a narrow 1-0 win over Portsmouth, the solitary goal courtesy of Gallas in the 81st minute. Still, a precious 3 points in the bag for the Gunners – this win allowed them to overtake Aston Villa, and settled in fourth place. I don’t believe Arsenal is a contender for the topmost placing in the EPL but if they can stay within the top 4 places, they should be happy nonetheless. Nice to see The Star’s sports page carrying the headline today (December 29) that desribes Liverpool's feat: “Five-star show”! Tired of always seeing Man U or Chelsea grabbing the headlines – a nice change, indeed!

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