Monday, December 8, 2008

Missing Scotland

Finally, after a long hiatus, Celtic was defeated. Hibernian clobbered Celtic, 2-0. Well, not a result that I wished for – still it irks me that we lost by two goals. I am shaking my head in disbelief.
Suddenly, I am reminded of Scotland – the place where I did my undergraduate study. I have missed Scotland terribly. Remember that 2007 movie, The Water Horse? The story of Angus who discovered a large mysterious egg along the shores of Loch Ness, and how he soon realized that the strange and mischievous hatchling inside was none other than that of the water horse, the fabled creature of Loch Ness. And with the water horse growing ten times its size every day, Angus found it increasingly difficult to keep his new friend a secret, and so the story unfolds…

I watched the movie more than once, and a major part of the attraction is the Scottish accent. It's... well, charming, even sexy. I am not sure how else you can describe it, but after having spent 4 years there, I just love it. According to, polls have revealed that people believe those with Scottish accents are trustworthy and honest, and the fact that it also sounds pretty cool. And in fact, according to this webpage, accessed December 08, 2008, it claims that Scottish is probably the best accent in the world. But perhaps this isn't so surprising when we consider the effects the Scots have wrought in the world of cinema. It asks, “Are there many women over forty who don't go weak at the knees at the sound of Sir Sean Connery's silky purr? Or many women under forty who don't have the same reaction when they hear Ewan McGregor's honey-dipped tones?” When you come to think of it, how very true! I can speak the Scottish accent too. For a start, all you have to do is to learn to roll your Rs. Scots are the only English speakers to employ the rolled R sound and do it regularly, particularly following the letters D, G and T. Secondly, collapse words into as few syllables as possible and drop the G from words ending in "-ing." Replace "not" with "nee." When you are speaking with a Scottish accent, tell someone that you "didnee do anythin' in Ednbrah" instead of saying you "didn't do anything in Edinburgh." And thirdly, familiarize yourself with Scottish slang and vocabulary. Always use the word "wee" when describing something small or young. "Aye," "bonny" and "lassie" are also commonly used and makes your accent seem authentic. Go on, try it…

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stephy-nie said...

i LOVE ewan McGregor!!!!!!!!!
he sings very well in moulin rouge(movie)
*goes weak at the knees*


and thanks sir for the good luck!
3 down, two to go!