Sunday, December 28, 2008

Logi and Monti

Remember Logi and Monti? To most people, they are comedians. To most of us Toastmasters, Logi or K Loghandran is a world-class public speaking champion who came to HICT awhile back, to talk about well, the World Championship of Public Speaking competition where he emerged as first runner-up. An achievement that all Toastmasters from this part of the world should be proud of. Well, coming back to my story… I was reading the Sunday People section in the New Sunday Times today (December 28), and I came across a photo of these 2 “funny” guys, on page R3. In fact, there’s a double-spread page of Malaysian personalities being featured here, and all of them were asked for their Wish List for the New Year. I wasn’t the least interested in what Tony Fernandes, Maya Karin, and so on have to say – but Logi and Monti, well, they made me sit up. Monti wanted to walk in the nude somewhere in Europe – I am not intending to even try to picture this – but Logi’s wish was something else… He wanted “to make a comedy film and to raise funds for it by collecting RM1 from one million Malaysians”. And he also hoped “more Malaysians will join the Toastmasters Club to improve their English”. Okay, I cannot argue with his second wish – after all, I am in the thick of the Toastmasters action already. But his first wish intrigued me. Malaysian cinema is still very unsure of itself – and except for the few critical successes from Yasmin Ahmad (e.g. Sepet; Gubra; Mukhsin) and the indie film-makers, we are really not, well… known. And when Logi talks about comedy films, the most successful comedies closest to home, that I can relate to, are from Singapore (e.g. Money No Enough; That One No Enough; I Not Stupid; Just Follow Law; Ah Long Pte Ltd – all Jack Neo vehicles). So, maybe it is about time we look at producing our very own English-language comedy films, and I believe, Logi can pull this off.

What I am suggesting is that perhaps we can take up this challenge to help Logi raise this RM1 million – and in the process, we promote ourselves and HICT. God knows, we need the publicity, and this is one sure way to get publicity on a nationwide scale. I am not suggesting that we raise all of the RM1 million, but if we can get the ball rolling and we can raise the first installment of say, RM250k – this will be a great beginning and in the process, we could ask for a role in the film (I can think of a few really funny people in HICT), credits (see our names immortalized on the silver screen), and maybe even, a share of the profits (why not?), etcetera, etcetera. For a start, we can mobilize all Toastmasters Clubs in the country to organize fundraising campaigns. Can you imagine? A few hundred clubs raising say, RM500, and we are on our way. I look at this strictly as a business proposition with some social marketing overtones perhaps. And I can think of no better person to lead this other than Brandon? Are you up to the challenge, Brandon? Shall we call it Project KL Movie?

In the SPL, Celtic bested Rangers 1-0, thanks to McDonald in the 58th minute – although to be fair to the latter, they dominated possession but unfortunately, couldn’t find the breakthrough. And in the EPL, Liverpool gave Newcastle a 5-1 walloping; the Liverpool scorers were Gerrard (31st minute); Hyypia (36th minute); Babel (50th minute); Gerrard (66th minute); and Alonso (77th minute penalty). This was Liverpool’s last match of the year and what a match to end the year! Liverpool is sitting pretty atop the table with 45 points! Liverpool haven’t been crowned champions of England since way back in 1990, and this season represents their best chance to pull this off! We all believe victory is possible, and nothing is impossible.

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