Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Petrol Prices

Today, as all motorists are already aware, a 10-sen reduction in the price of petrol takes effect - thus making fuel at pumps the cheapest since March 2006. This means that the petrol (i.e. RON97) is now at RM1.90 per liter. This is the fifth or sixth (?) reduction in price - but it is funny because to be honest, I don't quite feel the impact of these price reductions. It's all psychological of course because when the government increased the price in June of this year, it was a whopping 78 sen, but when it retreated, the prices came down by only 10 sen or 15 sen at a time! What many of us have forgotten is that when the petrol price skyrocketed in the first place, all other prices blithely soared soon after. And so our steep cost of living shot enthusiastically upwards from high to crazy high! Besides, the fact remains that this new price is still about 30 sen higher than global prices which stand at about RM1.60 per liter. Secondly, the next fact to consider is whether the government will allow petrol prices to continue to dip (not necessarily in tandem with the decline in world petrol prices), or whether it will peg petrol prices, so that we can build our reserves in the event that the economy goes into a freefall next year. But then again, if the government cannot even be trusted to spend our money wisely nor even work towards reducing, if not eliminating the scourge of corruption that plagues this country – what is the point? Hello, when's the next elections again?
Rafa Benitez shot his mouth off yet again. This time, he had the audacity to say that fans should be happy in spite of the goalless draw Liverpool snatched against West Ham. What utter nonsense! What complete rubbish! What baloney!

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