Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Planning Speech No. 3

I am going for a different style in preparing for my speech No. 3 - I am not sure why I want to do this but I suppose I cannot just depend on forever speaking off the cuff. I mean, have you ever have to give a speech under impromptu circumstances? It is not only nerve-wracking; in fact, it is more than just accommodating butterflies in your stomach. No, they’re more like torpedoes bombing your gut!
So I am now writing out my speech and even rehearsing it - well, not 21 times as K Loghandran advised, but perhaps once or twice, or maybe even thrice. Even the subject seems quirky - I want to talk that "being thin and sexy is always in style", or something to that effect. This may be a naughty response to (fellow Toastmaster) Kenneth Shee's speech last month about the story of the fat man - I really don't know but what the heck, I wanted something that is fresh, a brand-new perspective, a divergent way of expressing myself. I wanted to experiment, to try out, and to see if it works just as well. So far, I am fleshing out ideas and committing words to paper. An interesting exercise, I must say. Let's hope this works out... Anyway, my speech is about getting to the point. And my point is about making a change in the way I do my speeches.
Also we all know by now that Liverpool has drawn its last game against West Ham, a sad 0-0 scoreline that is as uninspiring as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Yawn. I am sure Life can be more interesting than this...?

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