Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HICT Open Day & Career Fair

This weekend, a big event in Klang is unfolding… HICT’s Open Day & Career Fair! This is where I am really needing the help and support of all my readers and students and friends to spread the word about this event to everyone and anyone. Use the blogs, Facebook, Friendster, email, word-of-mouth and whatever means to publicize this event. More importantly, those who know someone who has just completed their SPM and/or UEC exams, should be encouraged to come and talk to me about doing the 4+0 Southern New Hampshire University degree programs at HICT. After all, we are offering 5 majors: Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, Communication, and Psychology – the last 2 being brand-new degrees. We are hopeful of getting a mammoth crowd to come because we have worked hard to tell the Klang community about this event. But the point is, we want to sign up at least 96 students for SNHU during this event. It’s always about the numbers, y’see. This target works out to 48 per day (8 hours daily actually), and if we break this number down further, this means we should aim to register 6 students per hour, or one student every 10 minutes. I certainly cannot do this alone, so, I need everyone on duty at the ADP booth this Saturday and Sunday to be focused, persuasive, and convincing. Well, to be honest, not just the people at the booth – but I am directing this message to all ADP students because together, we can make a difference! And I believe we can! Whatever it is, I am committed to work hard to yield these student numbers. For sure, it is a tough challenge to produce these results, but I am ready… As I have said in my powerpoint, study at HICT and bring America closer to you! Sure can wad!

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