Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas-y Toastmasters

Hmmmn, I forgot to mention that last week, I did my speech No. 3 entitled “Thin is Sexy – You’d Better Believe It” at the House of Pakeeza at Jalan 14/22, Petaling Jaya. It was hosted by D’Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club, and what was really odd was that I had a script but I didn’t have the time to learn it nor put in any practice. Instead, I depended on just speaking off the cuff again… I am thankful to have three friends (Shireen, Brandon & Mathew) who came all the way from Klang to give me moral support. Personally, I didn’t think the speech was that great although the trio thought otherwise. Such dear friends! And for D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters, this was their last meeting for the year, and so it had a very Christmas-y mood - how appropriate!

Yesterday (December 16), the price of petrol is trimmed by another 10 sen. Honestly, this very modest price cut is not going to make any appreciable difference to the liters of petrol that goes into our tanks. If the BN government wants to earn the goodwill of the rakyat, then they should consider a more significant downward adjustment because really, what can you buy with 10 sen nowadays?

The second day of academic training again focused on Teaching Methodology but zeroed in on the subject of Assessment and Alternative Assessment. It is timely that we re-visit this subject and I reproduce Nitko's (2004:13) definition of assessment as: "A process for obtaining information that is used to make decisions about students, curricula and programs, and educational policy" because I for one, really want to re-visit the way we assess our ADP/Diploma in Business students. To do this, we would need to look at various assessment techniques, what Dr. Andrew Poh likes to refer to as "a cocktail of assessment procedures" - which includes paper-and-pencil tests; formal and informal observation; homework, exercises, and research papers; projects and exhibits; performances; portfolios; oral questioning; and analyses of students' records.

This Sunday (December 21) will see Liverpool squaring off with Arsenal in a match that is important to both teams - both need the points to break away from the pack. Certainly, I would like to put my money on Liverpool and hopefully, they can deliver this time around. Patrick Vieira (former Arsenal captain and now with Inter Milan) was quoted as saying the Gunners can forget about winning the Premier League title if they lose to Liverpool. It's the same with Liverpool too, kan?

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