Saturday, December 13, 2008

Suki is One in a Million

HICT’s Open Day & Career Fair 2008 was a "not so good" day – a small crowd in the morning, but it further dwindled in the afternoon. Let’s hope tomorrow is better. In any case, I have a speaking slot at 11:00 AM, and I believe it will be well-attended if we can base this confidence on the number of people who have registered to attend this talk. I am just hoping for a decent attendance. And I have also incorporated a talk on Toastmasters - so that should be equally interesting. Believe it or not, I have just completed my Powerpoint slides that will accompany my talk.

Thanks to Celcom, Suki, the winner of 8TV's One in a Million season one came to HICT to bring some much-needed excitement to our Open Day. I have not heard her sing before, but she's really good... And furthermore, I have to thank Wai How for capturing a photo of me with Suki. Okay, so the photo is not clear and sharp, but I don't care...

Since the last time I reported Andy McDonough's CD sales, we have seen sales surged forward to a total of 580 CDs todate.

I am not really that excited about the UEFA Champions League, but when my three teams are playing – I do sit up and take notice. It’s good to see Celtic gaining some redemption by beating Villarreal 2-0 at home; Liverpool also beating PSV 3-1; but Arsenal was beaten 0-2 to FC Porto.

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Atika said...

hahaha Suki is amazing!i realized that!