Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Art of Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden’s tour poster has been banned in Lithuania because it gives children nightmares. 

The British heavy metal band are currently touring The Book of Souls around the world, with one poster showing their gory monster mascot Eddie the Head holding a bleeding heart in his claws and baring his yellow teeth. 

Lithuania has taken exception to the promo material and ordered it to be removed from billboards “because it scares children”. 

Live Nation spokesperson Mindaugas Paukste told Russian website Delfi that the concert promotion company had received a letter stating that the poster violates the country’s child protection laws. 

I am surprised. This has not caused problems anywhere else – at least, not that I know of – but it seems only in Lithuania. 

Iron Maiden’s artwork has always been riveting! Here's a sample:

2010 album cover

2006 album cover  

1993 album cover 

1992 album cover 

1990 album cover

1988 album cover 

This month, Iron Maiden are to play in Lithuania’s 18,000 capacity Zalgiris Arena in Kaunas, 100km west of Vilnius, the country’s capital.

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