Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Memorial for Harambe

The grief over Harambe’s killing has not subsided.

Photo by David Klass, June 04, 2016

Now there's a memorial Cincinnati Zoo visitors have created around the gorilla statue outside of the Gorilla World exhibit.

In case, you are still very much ignorant about Harambe, the male silverback gorilla that was tragically shot and killed by zoo officials you may read more about this heart-rending story at my May 31, 2016 post at this link

Last evening, I gave an Advanced speech from the Storytelling manual simply titled “Icarus”. For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of an Athenian craftsman who dared to fly too near the sun on wings of feathers and wax.

But I gave that account a radical makeover. And so I wove a fascinating story of flight that brought together different hotshots from different eras – but who shared the same amazing dream.

They were Icarus (obviously), the Wright brothers and AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes! 

It became a speech that is best described as enlightening, engrossing and entertaining. Remarkably, it was also an extemporaneous speech!

Anyway, I delivered it at the Speecom Toastmasters Club meeting at their Bandar Sri Damansara venue in KL.  Thanks to Fan Chen Keat for offering me a speaking slot.

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