Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lexit: Londoners' Response

Protest at London's Downing Street. Credit: Isabel Infantes/Press Association 

Demonstrators hold placards during a protest against the outcome of the UK’s referendum on the EU, in London on June 25, 2016. AFP pic

Two activists with the EU flag and Union Jack painted on their faces kiss each other in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to protest against a British exit from the European Union. Photo: Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

Londoners mobilized on social media today to back a campaign to go from Brexit to ‘Lexit’, calling for their city to divorce Britain and “move in with our friends” in the European Union.
It is, of course, a symbolic protest, and it is fuelled by real anger following June 23, 2016’s dramatic vote to quit the EU. Undoubtedly, this was acutely felt in the national capital, where a majority voted for Britain to remain in the EU, contrary to the prevailing mood in the country.
According to one news report, more than 130,000 people signed up to a petition to London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling on him to “Declare London independent from the UK and apply to join the EU”.
Nationwide, 51.9 percent may have voted for Britain to leave the EU, but eligible Londoners voted 59.9 percent for Britain to stay.
And among the UK’s major cities, London was not alone in having a majority of voters who wanted Britain to stay in the EU. Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Newcastle voted in.
I was in Damansara Heights in KL this morning for the HELP University Toastmasters meeting – where I was one of three speech evaluators. And I received a KitKat because I was voted Best Evaluator.

This club meeting could have been better organized – l certainly agree with what the General Evaluator shared. Not only that, but one speech evaluator – she’s from Friendship Toastmasters Club – also gave similar feedback. In fact, she was insistent on saying her piece!
And because I was there too – I can safely say that it was not about putting blame on anybody but that the said club members’ learning was incomplete.
If I may add, there are many Toastmasters clubs here which suffer from this lamentable situation. I always believe that we as Toastmasters have much to learn. And that the learning never stops.

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