Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump Heads Invade New York City

Image credit: https://viewing.nyc/thousands-of-trump-head-stickers-embellish-mta-stick-figures-on-the-subway-with-hilarious-results/

Diarrhea-mouth Donald Trump hasn't censored himself on his quest to "Make America Great Again," calling voters stupid, Mexican immigrants rapists, and his rival Hillary Clinton a "nasty, mean enabler." 

The Republican presidential candidate's blunt and often rude remarks have made him the target of a street artist or art collective slapping on pictures of Trump's head on the stick figures of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's "Courtesy Counts" campaign ads, which draw attention to violations of subway etiquette.

Ads tweaked over the last four weeks, by one or more artists going by the handle Major Bigtime, now show Trump man-spreading, showtime dancing, pick-pocketing a straphanger, hogging a pole, brushing his orange mane and carrying a hoverboard. 

"We did it because Trump is a big NYC dildo," Major Bigtime said in an email. 

As for targeting the MTA's ads, the anonymous artist(s) said, "The red people on those posters are supposed to represent inconsiderate a--holes. Trump's the biggest a--hole of all, it just works." 

It’s pretty easy to imagine Trump actually doing these things! 

Yesterday, I was in NAWEM's Office at Rumah Puspanita, Jalan Hose, KL. I had attended the NAWEM Toastmasters meeting and I was the General Evaluator. 

I also delivered my CC #10 speech titled “Lost Love”. This means another CC manual has been successfully completed. 

I seem to be taking longer to finish the ten CC speeches – I took 63 days for Round #34 but this time, I took 86 days for Round #35. I am not slackening my pace – it’s just that I am in no hurry. Really.

My next immediate target is to present 50 assignment speeches before Christmas 2016. Meaning, I want to be able to earn two Competent Communicator and three Advanced Communicator awards.

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