Monday, June 13, 2016

Monash University Malaysia Suicides

I just learned that a Monash University Malaysia student had committed suicide last year. And that's the only piece of info I have.
In May this year, another student from the same university, also killed himself. I first heard about it from a Sunway University student on June 04 and this was confirmed by a Monash University lecturer six days later. Again, I am unable to furnish more details.  

Sadly, suicides in the country are becoming commonplace.

And the statistics from the National Suicide Registry Malaysia for the period 2008-2010 indicated that between one and two suicides were reported daily in Malaysia. I am assuming this is true and therefore, it presents an alarming state of affairs!
The facts were cited by Director General of Health Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Ministry of Health, who said that a scrutiny of the data showed 1,100 suicides had been reported during the three-year period.
And that was eight months ago!
"This is only based on post-mortem cases and the actual statistics are likely to be higher," he had said at the 'Sayangi Nyawa, Hidupkan Harapan' seminar on October 01, 2015.
Even my blog has suicide stories. In nearly seven months (November 13, 2015-June 04, 2016), I already had 9 posts on ‘suicide’ – further underlining the seriousness of the life-threatening mental condition that is afflicting young people everywhere.

My nine posts during the said period:

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It’s not an unfamiliar topic. Prior to the above, I had blogged about suicides – the Foxconn stories as well as this particular post ‘Four Suicides’ @, April 11, 2011.

But the suicides at Sunway University affected me most deeply.

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