Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Racism is Alive and Well in Malaysia

An image of a dark-skinned male crossed with a large, yellow ‘X’ with the words, "Say No To African People" at Waja Apartments located in Taman Tun Perak, Cheras in KL has upset members of the community.
The banner also urged landlords and real estate agents to refrain from renting units to African tenants.
Nigerian student Austin Chibuzo, 25, expressed disgust at the sentiments expressed in the banner.
“This is racism. The people who did this are not treating us like human beings,” said Chibuzo who had just moved into the apartment three months ago.
Another Nigerian student Victor Onuoha, 25, also said Malaysians are prejudiced against Africans.
“Malaysians in general behave awkwardly with African people. When we go into lifts, some will close their noses,” said Onuoha.
The students said the banner is contrary to how Malaysia is depicted as a harmonious multiracial country. Hmmm, the reality is very different. 
[Note: Most of the Africans here are students and professionals from Ghana, Mali and Nigeria].
When questioned, Mohamad Sahidan Hassan, chairperson of the apartment’s management corporation said the banner was a reflection of the residents’ feelings.
Hallooo! The correct thing to do, if at all there are issues with Africans – is to kindly take them up with the relevant authorities. Just because of a few, don't be quick to blame other people. Please don’t tar the whole community with the same brush.
Before we point the finger at them – kindly look at ourselves first. We are not whom we portray. We are racist. We really are.
Anyway, I don’t really blame Malaysians for stereotyping Africans! Don’t we do the same to fellow Malaysians?
The Chinese are tarred with one brush. We are money-grubbing. We are unscrupulous. We are exploitative.
The Indians are tarred with another brush. They are belligerent. They are bad hats. They are drunkards.
And yet another brush for the Malays. They are stupid. They are lazy. They are bribe-takers.
Admit it lah! Malaysians are racist through and through!


Victor Ong said...

Khumo Seamogano sent these comments via Messenger on June 21, 2016 @ 23:21
Hi sir, hope all is good?
I wanted to comment on the 'racist' article... but I have a mouthful to say - also, I cant really pick a side... all I can say is if you are a chocolate colored person this side of heaven, youve got to have thick skin while ensuring that you keep the tenderness of your heart and a sound mind

Victor Ong said...

Duchess Ajoke Modutlwe left these comments on my Fb page on June 22, 2016 @ 11:09
Well as for me,am not bothered by ths,how do u expect people who think Africa is a countrynot to act like this?I pity their offsprings,besides,they still cant get along in their own country as different races,so am unbothered