Monday, January 5, 2015

The Floods' Aftermath

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Azhar Rahim-EPA

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The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, January 4, 2015

As Malaysians see the ferocity of the destruction wrought by the floods – I think we should reject it as something of an annual occurrence that we must learn to accept year in and year out.

And the floods are almost always accompanied by a recitation of excuses and this year is no exception. Probably, this time around, there are even more explanations being proferred.

Meteorological experts had pointed their fingers at the moon – its close proximity to Earth resulted in strengthened gravity which in turn caused rising tides to be higher than normal. Combine this with the copious amounts of rain – statistics show an almost doubling of rainfall year-on-year in the places most affected – brought in by the monsoon, the rivers have nowhere to go but burst their banks.

Then somebody alleged that deforestation due to widespread logging is a cause. And, of course, global warming is being blamed for everything and anything since it is said to cause climates to change.

Just in case, we believe that it is all a natural occurrence, there are those who swear that the floods represent a “test” by a wrathful God towards Malaysians.

And we might as well blame the government too since flood defenses were nearly non-existent. The state government was too preoccupied with the afterlife and the federal government preferred to look the other way and thereby, ensuring that meager funds were allocated for flood mitigation.

So there you have it, the reasons why we have floods in Malaysia!

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