Monday, January 26, 2015

Peeing Devices for Women

One of Malaysians’ pet peeves is the stinky, dirty and wet public toilets. They are more like ‘disaster zones’ than a place where we can relieve ourselves.
It is not just icky stuff floating in the toilet bowl but ghastly stuff that can find themselves on the floor and elsewhere. It is safe to say that we would not generally approach these nausea-inducing places without a Hazmat suit. Unless it is an emergency – in which case, we will gingerly tiptoe carefully around the disgusting obstacles and do our business as fast as we can while at the same time, holding our breaths.
Probably with the exception of restrooms in the better shopping malls and the good hotels, public toilets in Malaysia are notorious for their squalid splendour with sights and smells that give you stomach-churning experiences. And things are not going to change anytime soon.
And if you are a woman – it can be really revolting if you have to sit on a toilet bowl that is less than pristine. Of course, nobody is expecting a toilet in that state – this is Malaysia after all. But we do deserve a toilet that is reasonably clean. 
I would like to think that in these sickening situations, a woman would like to stand and pee. And why not? At least, it is a hygienic and dignified bathroom experience, not to mention that she has now obtained the freedom to go anytime, anywhere.
So, for women who want to pee standing up – there are female peeing devices on the market and I am highlighting three of these:
The pStyle

Price: $12.99; size: 3.8cm x 3.8cm x 19cm; material: Hard Plastic
The Whiz Freedom

Price: $24.95; size: 15cm long (unfolded); material: Flexible Medical Grade Plastic
The Go Girl

Price: $9.99; size: 16cm long (unfolded); material: Flexible Medical Grade Silicone

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Virgil van Dijk (26) and Leigh Griffiths (42) helped themselves to close-range headers in the first half, with Anthony Stokes the supplier on both occasions. And with the hosts utterly dominant, Mikael Lustig tucked away a cross from James Forrest after the break – in the seventy-sixth minute. And the victory was settled when Lustig crashed in an impressive late diving header in the eighty-first minute.

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