Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Major Ahmad Zaidi Sacked

The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, January 13, 2015
Yesterday, Major Zaidi Ahmad was found guilty by a military court of two counts of violating protocol and he was dismissed from the Royal Malaysian Air Force with immediate effect after twenty-six years and one day of service. He was charged for giving a media statement without the consent of the Defence Ministry, and for leaking confidential information without the consent of the Armed Forces Council. All because he had highlighted the failure of the indelible ink used during early voting in the thirteenth general election.
Zaidi had explained his actions: He did not want the process to be similarly marred on the actual voting day. He also wanted to protect the military's image from being tarred alongside that of the Election Commission – because, to him, keeping silent would mean being complicit in the farce being perpetuated on the people.
Despite his valiant efforts, no action has been taken on the EC till this very day, and no one from the EC has ever had to account for this sham. Nothing has ever come from the hundreds of police reports lodged against the EC over this except for this particular one, which resulted in punishment for the whistleblower instead of the wrongdoer.
A soldier and a citizen who did the right thing gets penalized. Malaysians salute Zaidi Ahmad!
And when asked by the court martial to appeal for a lighter sentence, the 45-year-old officer said his accusers and judges had a political agenda, that they were more concerned with "filling their stomachs", that he would meet them in the afterlife in "Allah's court".
We now look to the judicial review, the leave of application for which will be heard on February 05 at the KL High Court, for some measure of justice for Zaidi.

After the attack, the front gate of Army Public School in Peshawar became a memorial. Photo credit: Asad Hashim/Al Jazeera
Also on Monday, students and teachers have returned for the first time to the school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar where the Taliban massacre took place. [My blogpost at this link http://helpvictor.blogspot.com/2014/12/peshawar-school-massacre.html].
Schools across Pakistan are re-opening after an extended break prompted by the the said bloodletting.

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