Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bluebirds Fans Stay Away

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A very empty stadium. That is what you get when you piss off your fans! Angry Bluebirds fans stayed away from Cardiff City Stadium on January 02, 2015. It is the fans’ way of showing their displeasure at Malaysian tycoon and owner Vincent Tan.
Tan had provoked outrage and offense when in 2012, he decided to change the club's home kit from blue to red, and the club badge on a whim. Tan justified the changes by saying it was in exchange for his £100 million (RM549 million) investment in the football club.
The club may have earned a 3-1 FA Cup win against Colchester on Friday but the victory was achieved against a backdrop of rows of empty seats. The game was watched by a record low crowd – just 4,194 fans turned up. The atmosphere in the stadium was described as “eerie, almost silent”.
What this means is that supporters’ loyalty had been taken for granted and this has bred apathy to the point that Bluebirds fans have started to fall out of love for their club. It is really sad that Tan has deeply dishonored the club and shown immense disrespect to the fan base.
It is worth remembering that Cardiff City FC were there way before Tan became involved and will be there way after he has gone, whenever that may be.
[The lowest gate previously recorded at Cardiff City Stadium was 5,545 for a League Cup tie against Dagenham five years ago].
On Tuesday, I was back again in KL Sentral – this time to attend the Allianz Toastmasters meeting. I was the General Evaluator. It was a subpar meeting because two of four speeches were way off the mark and the accompanying evaluations lacked both clarity and candor. That explains why I didn't capture all the photos because I was disappointed.  I would score this meeting a 2.5 over 10.


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