Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Altantuya's Murder - Who Gave the Order?

The Altantuya killers: Sirul and Azilah. Image credit:
According to what is being reported in the online news media and in Harakah Daily, Piah Samat, the 74-year old mother of Sirul Azhar Umar – one of the two cops sentenced to death for the murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu – is alleging  that her son was framed. She supposedly made the claim when PAS information chief Mahfuz Omar, PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kayat and exco Salman Saleh as well as central committee member Idris Ahmad, visited her at her Perak house in Changkat Jering, Bukit Gantang on Sunday. And she is turning to God to seek mercy and justice.

In doing so, the septuagenarian mother has rightly captured a singular truth, which is, Sirul was only carrying out his duties. And for that, he is condemned to death.
This brings us back to that oft-repeated question – who gave the order for Altantuya to be killed?
Just in case we forget – Sirul is not just any ordinary police officer. He is highly trained and he ranks within the exclusive, highly disciplined trained-to-kill elite cops. Therefore, he is expected to obey and follow orders to the letter.
That is why Malaysians are still waiting to know the answer.

In case you didn't already know, Sirul has been detained by immigration authorities in Australia. The country's media have said he will not be sent back as Canberra's extradition legislation prohibits any person from being sent back to another country for an offence punishable by death unless that country pledges not to carry out the death sentence.

This has set up a potential tug-of-war with the Malaysian government. And you can expect Putrajaya to be more enthusiastic about wanting to bring Sirul back to Malaysia because what if the latter spills the beans whilst he is there? Sirul had previously hinted he was taking the fall for higher-ups. 
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