Saturday, January 3, 2015

9M-NAA: A Very Busy Government Jet

Questions are still being asked about the Malaysian government jet (pic) – bearing tail number 9M-NAA – that flew the prime minister and his family to Hawaii. After Najib Razak was embarrassed when photos of him golfing with Barack Obama were splashed in newspapers – he was obliged to cut short his holidays and returned to Malaysia alone on an RMAF aircraft. 

A check on the flight tracking website showed that 9M-NAA flew to a couple of American locations after Hawaii, namely, New York, Indianapolis and Los Angeles, and then crossed the Atlantic to London and onward to Dubai and Bangkok – six cities (not including Hawaii, of course) in a hectic seven-day period.
It was all very hush-hush of course and nobody is any wiser about why 9M-NAA made those stopovers.
Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister has still not surfaced at the time of writing and I am not even sure if she has been on the plane all this while.
I sincerely hope that Rosmah is fine wherever she may be and the entire country should pray for her safety and well-being. She is our beloved First Lady, after all.
It is better to know that she is busy gallivanting across the globe and splurging all her life’s savings on luxuries than not to know where she is! Like all Najib-loving Malaysians, I am really worried about her.
It is very unlike her because suddenly, this publicity-loving woman has become very secretive.

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