Friday, January 9, 2015

One Night in Bangkok

Not many Malaysians are privvy to the fact that Najib Razak was in Bangkok on the same day, i.e. January 02, 2015 that the government jet 9M-NAA also arrived there.

The prime minister sneaked into Thailand because he had a meeting appointment with General Prayuth Chan-o-cha. I used the “s” word because it wasn’t really an official visit and there was no fanfare for Najib when he arrived at the capital.

Malaysians didn’t know about it until Najib tweeted that he had lunch with his Thai counterpart to thank Thailand for donating 500 tonnes of rice to help flood-hit Malaysian victims and to exchange views on flood solving.

And then the Bangkok Post mentioned this “meeting” on January 06, 2015, highlighting the fact that it was a private visit. And of course, the news report didn’t end there and the newspaper added that Najib was actually on holiday.

It must have been really backbreaking for Najib to be wading in flood waters and posing for photos – so much so that he needed a second holiday soon after Hawaii.

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Then it was also mentioned that Rosmah Mansor was in Bangkok too!
A perfect coincidence! That explains why 9M-NAA was in the country because it must have brought the prime minister’s wife to Bangkok so that the lovebirds could be reunited.

So the lame story from the prime minister office that the government jet had “technical issues” and therefore, needed to stay back in the US of A was a tall tale.
Quoting a source close to General Prayut, the Thai paper said on Tuesday that Najib and Rosmah “made the trip to Thailand on January 02, where they shopped, played golf and stayed the night at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok”!
Gracious sakes! Najib’s cover was blown by the incautious and irresponsible Bangkok Post. Najib's purpose to go to Bangkok was to have a rendezvous with Rosmah; his meeting with the Thai prime minister was just a camouflage.


Sure enough this news report was picked up by the alternative press and then it spread through social media – a couple of photos went viral. Including the photo above where a woman who resembles Rosmah was sighted shopping at the posh Central Chidlom Department Store (pic below) located on Ploenchit Road in Pathumwan district, Bangkok.

Not surprisingly, many Malaysians were livid that the couple could be living the high life when the east coast was under so many feet of water. Not to mention that the affected Malaysians were in dire straits – having lost their homes and livelihood.
But I cannot understand why Malaysians are upset with her hubby. What’s wrong with going on two holidays – Hawaii in December and Bangkok in January if Malaysian taxpayers can afford to pay?!
Give them a break lah! Najib has been working very hard! See the mess Malaysia is in – how do you think we got into this predicament if Najib didn’t put diligent effort to create this quagmire in the first place?
As for Rosmah – do you think it is a walk in the park if you have to go shopping every other day? She can tell you that these shopping expeditions are gruelling, punishing and sapping.
Like her many adoring fans, I am happy, happy, happy Rosmah Mansor is back in the public eye.

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