Monday, January 5, 2015

Fright Flights

I am glad I am not flying anytime soon. And even if I do, I certainly don’t want to even consider flying AirAsia because notwithstanding the QZ8501 crash that killed everyone on board – I am not even secure in the thought that flying AirAsia is safe!

On December 28, 2014, AirAsia flight AK6242 from Penang to Langkawi returned to base 10 minutes after take-off with “technical problems”.  Thank God the Airbus A320-200 was only in the air for ten minutes.

On December 30, 2014, AirAsia Z2272 plane with 159 passengers flying in from Manila overshot the runway at Kalibo Airport in central Philippines. Cabin crew activated the emergency slides to assist passengers to disembark safely from the Airbus A320-200 – but I have no doubt it was a close call.
And on January 03, 2015, Bandung-bound AirAsia flight QZ7633 had to dislodge its 120 passengers when its engine failed just before its take-off from the Indonesian city of Surabaya. Again, thankfully, this was before take-off.
Three scares in just seven days! Now that in itself is already scary! Besides, I don't have a death wish.
I began posting photos starting September 16, 2011 of the (new) Sunway University building that was being built. Here are the photos of that construction that is almost complete three years later:


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