Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tentsile

A tent that can be pitched in the trees, literally. The extraordinary design has been created by a British architect and can be suspended 10ft off the ground. The design, which can hold up to five tonnes, was inspired by the way in which a spider builds its web. In fact, designer Alex Shirley-Smith claims it can be pitched in just 30 minutes using three trees and a ladder.

The 'Tentsile' sleeps up to eight campers who climb up to the tent using a rope ladder. There are three tents in the range ranging from £1,850 for a two man to £7,500 for the deluxe eight camper version.

Londoner Shirley-Smith believes the tent could be used for humanitarian disasters, for example during floods or earthquakes.

Yesterday was the last day of the series of Speechcrafts that Taman Indrahana Toastmasters organized for its new members. Like the others sessions, it was educational and certainly helpful. I know for a fact that many who came diligently benefited. A big bouquet of thanks to Chrristine Ngiam and Jade Lim for putting this program together.

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