Thursday, March 22, 2012

NFCorp Snubs PAC

Senior NFCorp top guns did not turn up at the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing on Tuesday and instead, caused the meeting to be cut short. NFCorp sent a junior executive – group administration manager – together with two lawyers – who said they would not be taking any questions on the matter that lasted just 45 minutes. In contrast, PAC spent four hours with representatives from the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and the Finance ministries on Monday.

PAC have the right to blow their top because they were disrespectfully snubbed.

Last evening I was at the Extol Toastmasters meeting in Subang Jaya and this was one of the worst meetings I have ever attended! I don’t know about the other senior Toastmasters who were there – but it was a meeting that was so poorly organized and conducted that it should be classified as a Level 5 disaster! Let me count the ways they screwed up this meeting. The meeting started late. The Agenda was riddled with errors and yet no attempt was made to correct it. The Vice President Education (also Acting President) was indifferent about his tacky attire. The Toastmaster-of-the-Evening was abysmally lost in her role – almost everything went wrong; this reflecting poorly on the VPE for the lack of support and guidance. The Table Topics Evaluator was appointed only when the Table Topics session was about to commence. And in spite of nineteen people being present, the VPE opted to take on three roles, i.e. Acting President, ‘Invocator’ and Evaluator. This whole episode became a whitewash when the General Evaluator completely left out these glaring slip-ups. All I knew was that I cringed with discomfort when I heard his praiseworthy words he had for the meeting. Imagine – I have not even begun to talk about the small matters that needled me but the above are more than enough to put me off from attending Extol Toastmasters meetings! If ever there was a saving grace, it was that three out of the four project speeches last night were pretty good. I shall give this meeting a score of a half mark out of a ten.

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