Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chinese Pigs, German Pigs

If you read about the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 ruckus in Penang last Sunday, you will have learnt that UMNO Youth and Perkasa members incited trouble. Yesterday, The Sun (p 04) relayed Perkasa’s Mohd Rizuan Mohd Azudin’s story that its members were mere spectators until one journalist who accompanied the Chief Minister manhandled one of its members! And to make the story even more incredible, he claimed that the said journalist acted as an escort to Lim Guan Eng. What cock! Can you really believe his tall tale?

Meanwhile, Lim lodged a police report on Tuesday that alleged that foul language, cuss words and racial epithets such as “Cina Babi”, “Penang Cina Bodoh” and “Babi Sokong Lim Guan Eng Ketua Menteri” were hurled during his speech at the Sunday event. These Malays have become so crude and coarse that they shamed other Malays! They are really biadap (‘uncouth’ in English)! The Malay culture is sadly being corrupted from within.

L-R: Bernd & Dennis.

Talking about pigs, now you can know which porker had to die to supply you with its meat! Organic farmer Bernd Schulz from Brandenburg, Germany has a website at where bidders vote for the pig they want to eat! All they have to do is to register their vote and the winning pig is sent to the slaughterhouse. Bidders then buy a share of the animal when it is turned into different types of sausages, complete with its picture on the packaging.

Agriculture student Dennis Buchmann – who invented the voting process – added: "I wanted to get people back to a closer relationship with the animals they eat.”

His words may sound pretty but what he really meant is that the pig doesn’t have to be an anonymous packet of sausages. It's something that died so you can live!

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