Monday, March 5, 2012

Najib Says Sorry

On Saturday, desperate Najib Razak showed his impetuous foolhardiness when he apologized to the Malaysian people on behalf of Barisan Nasional for mistakes that led voters to reject it at the last general election (Sunday Star, March 04, 2012, p 02). Wow, just like that! Say sorry and all will be forgiven. Never mind if you have cheated, swindled, duped and robbed. There is no need for remorse, make restitution or even go to jail for breaking the law. Malaysians will graciously accept your blanket apology and for that itsy-bitsy act of teensy-weensy honesty, they will be so grateful that they will still want to give you their vote when the election comes around. Najib, you really believe that Malaysians are so stupid meh?

It’s a vague apology that didn’t tell us anything. This atonement lacked substance. This plea even lacked sincerity. And this expression of regret was opportunistic! Besides, to be honest – as a Malaysian, I would dearly love to see our corrupt politicians get thrown into jail – and this can only happen if BN is ousted from power.

Sorry, I just fibbed. Actually, I don’t want them to end up in the lock-up. I am really hoping that we can send them to the guillotine. Like the French did many aeons ago. Then I get to watch this public spectacle and when the executioner holds up their severed heads, I would bellow my approval and cheer loudly!

On Sunday, Muhyiddin Yassin quickly qualified Najib’s apology. He said “there is no need to list out our weaknesses; that is in the past”. I think he meant that he was unable to detail all the BN transgressions because it will take a month of Sundays! Or was it actually a declaration that all the corruption and plundering of the rakyat’s money by BN should be completely erased from our collective memories, just because he said so? He is mocking Malaysians – challenging us to wipe the BN slate clean because Najib had said sorry. Did Muhyiddin have his head in the clouds? Are we really that dumb?

So sorry lah, Najib – as far as I am concerned, it’s a day late and a dollar short. You will have to pay for your mistakes. In other words, you and your band of thieves must stand trial and then all of you are put away for a long, long time. Hopefully, in addition to incarceration, there is also whipping.

Najib, it is payback time! I am one voter who is determined to see you and the others (e.g. Muhyiddin, Mahathir, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) be held accountable for your every wrongdoing! I am one angry voter. But hey, I am compassionate and so, I solemnly promise that when you are languishing in jail, I will visit you at least once a year! You can count on me!

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