Friday, November 28, 2008

A Serious Pose

This photo taken by Brandon (of course!), will be used in the powerpoint that I am developing for SNHU for our upcoming HICT Open Day & Career Fair. For a person who does not like to be in the limelight, and always keeps a low profile – this is a rare opportunity to see him in a pose. Okay, it’s a serious pose – but have you ever seen this guy smile? Rarely. He is always so seriously serious!

Stefani, who is an ardent follower of my blog will be having her (Engineering) exams soon – good luck, and please, once your exams are over – resume your blogging, huh? I enjoyed your selection of songs though… This plea also goes out to the other followers (e.g. Edwin), who have not been writing and posting that regularly – it goes to show that I do follow your blogs too. Didn’t The Love Doctor (a.k.a. Mathew) himself said yesterday that it’s getting harder and harder to blog nowadays? I mean, there are so many things we can write about – but really, what to actually write ah? And Brandon has eloquently stressed that he doesn’t believe in having a resolution list – sigh, that’s too bad. The guy with big dreams doesn’t want to commit himself! It’s so easy and convenient to point the finger at him, but what about me? Shall I or shall I not? We shall see…

In the UEFA Champions League, Arsenal redeemed itself with a lucky 1-0 over Dynamo Kiev, and Liverpool scrapped through by the same margin in the game against Marseille. Best forgotten is Celtic’s limp performances here, unlike in the SPL.

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