Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monti & Body Language

This is already my second month of blogging, and I am still fascinated by this blogging phenomenon. So far, my blog contains my own musings, a hodge-podge of the stuff I do. I am not certain if all of this is interesting stuff, but they are personal and they do impact on other people too. I have incorporated a "hit counter", so I can see if this blog does attract its share of fans - I mean, it's good to know, kan?
Another Toastmasters workshop is being planned for November 22, 2008 at Lafarge Malayan Cement, Damansara Uptown featuring Fong Muntoh a.k.a. Monti (who, for those who are clueless, is the other half of the comedy pair with K Loghandran). For RM40, we get to learn to "just let your body talk". It's always an absorbing proposition when the subject matter is on body language. And if it is presented by Monti, then we can expect peals of laughter or at the very least, knowing smiles that cleverly sneak in, in-between our attentive and serious dispositions. But then again, a 3-hour workshop demands our rapt attention for it is a serious topic about communications, after all. Anyway, I am looking forward to it.
I understand that "Out of the Blues" has already passed the 200-CD mark in terms of sales - well, at least according to Mathew Varughese, President of the HICT Performing Arts Club. Isn't this great?

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barackconnor said...

Congratulations on the sales of the CD. By the way, I'm the student who attended the HICT camp and said would view your blog. Nice blog you have. Keep it up.