Monday, November 17, 2008

Chess in the Office

Life is really unpredictable. Sometimes the people supposedly close to you – I am referring to colleagues in HICT – are the ones whom you suddenly discover you don't know them anymore. And worse, they may be envious of you! In an organization where "change" is a constant – some people may not cope with change very well because change does upset the status quo. When the new scenario means diminished "power" and/or "prestige" – this is all a matter of perception, really – it will lead to a degree of unhappiness, whether consciously or unconsciously. What am I talking about? Sorry, I was just blabbering away... Anyway, Life goes on, irregardless. Organizational life is like a game of chess. And, we employees are pawns moving along the squares according to the strategies decided by the "king" (Group President) and "queen" (Group CEO). Chess is indeed an interesting game, is it not? I should pick up the game again – it's being a long while since I last played a game of chess.

HICT organized their second Convocation & Awards Presentation Ceremony on Saturday (November 15). I just wanted to mention that overall, it went well – despite the behind-the-scenes last-minute rush – but one thing struck me. It was a rather subdued affair – the graduating students, especially the ADP students seemed, well ... unexcited. Except for little pockets of celebratory noise, it was like going to a slumber party. Sorry, this is my opinion. I thought the two masters-of-ceremony did great - they are Toastmasters after all.

And a weekend is not a weekend, if there's no football. So we witness a weekend of mixed fortunes for the teams that I am supporting. The headline on the sports page (New Sunday Times) said it all: "Reds win as Gunners crash" - Liverpool vanquished Bolton by a comfortable 2-0; goals courtesy of Kuyt (28) and Gerard (73). Dare we hope that Liverpool can win it this season? Let's keep our fingers crossed for Liverpool, and pray hard too, for good measure! Arsenal, on the other hand, faltered badly, by being miserably beaten 2-0 at home to Aston Villa. The Gunners succumbed to inconsistency, and paid dearly by being 9 points adrift from Table-topping Liverpool. Wake up, Arsenal! And in the Scottish Premier League, Celtic thumped Hamilton 2-1; Nakamura (39, penalty) and Hartley (86) providing the goals.


jacky05 said...

one can either opt to be upset and depressed about the change in scenario or just accept the fact and move on. Life goes on, irregardless. i couldn't agree more.

Victor Ong said...

It is noteworthy to mention that the 'king' and 'queen' referred to here actually refers to Dr. Mah and Dr. Lim respectively, lest anybody assumes I am referring to some other people...