Friday, November 21, 2008

Stupid Politicians

Yesterday (November 20), it was a pleasant surprise to see non-HICT people at the Blackout Bistro. I was told they were Sixth Formers from Klang High School as well as Samsung staff - both groups having their lunch at the bistro. Obviously, word-of-mouth is spreading the word about this bistro, and we can now expect others to drop by and savor our "daily specials". Word-of-mouth is just one more tool in our advertising and marketing arsenal, and it can be a very effective tool, if we know how to use it.
CD sales continue to be strong, and todate, we have pushed a total of 442 CDs. "Terrific" is the word to describe the sales. This just goes to show that the music industry itself is transforming - e.g. the conventional way of distributing music CDs is unlikely to show the same success that we are achieving now!
On the local front, it is disquieting to see politicians persist in making racist diatribes - one cannot help but wonder if this is a growing sign of intolerance in our country, or our politicians are intentionally fanning the flames of racism because they have nothing intelligent to say or talk about anymore. Our politicians are more often than not, devoid of any intelligence, and this deafening cacophony of race-based incitements that we read in the newspapers are mouthed by our dim-witted politicians whose grey cells have shrivelled and shrunk and died a long time ago. It is worth remembering what our third Prime Minister, Hussein Onn said, "We are trying to build a nation out of diversity. If I can add a brick here and there, I will have done my duty". How many of us are consciously adding a brick here and there every day?
And talking about our stupid politicians - do you remember the politician who suggested turning the Mat Rempit and their races into a tourist attraction? He insisted, "Many roads are closed for pasar malam. Why can't we close the roads for our Mat Rempits once a week?" And the female politician who, seemingly worried with the rising trend of effeminate males in universities reasoned that this was happening because there were more women in the institutions of higher learning. And the politician who exhorted Muslim women not to wear lipstick outside their homes lest they arouse men and cause them to rape the women! And during a heated argument over a leaking ceiling in the House of Parliament, another male politician made a sexist remark to the lady MP who had brought the matter up, by retorting: "Where is the leak? Batu Gajah MP 'leaks' every month too". To think that some of us had voted for these brainless imbeciles!

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