Monday, November 3, 2008

Blackout on Wednesday, Halloween on Friday

Last Wednesday (October 29), we witnessed the official opening of Blackout Bistro – a student project at HICT. Chan-Low Kam Yoke (i.e. Mrs Paul Chan) graced this event, and although it may be early days yet – but I pronounce it a success. There are not many institutions of higher learning where you can find a bistro that is fully-funded, fully-owned, and fully-managed by students, and first-year students at that. Rather than just learn about entrepreneurship in the classroom (and mind you, these students have yet to take this subject!), they have instead dived headlong into it with gusto and Blackout Bistro is the outcome of the students’ brave entrepreneurial spirit. A core group of “freshmen”, studying on the 4+0 Southern New Hampshire University, USA (SNHU) and 3+0 Edith Cowan University, Australia (ECU) programs at HICT are behind this business project – but two persons who are leading this venture, deserve special mention: Tan Wei Wei and Toh Chin Hooi.

And on Friday in the same week – it being Halloween – HICT students put on a fab show they appropriately called “The Bloody Hell Show”, and it was a real blast! I must confess that it was awesome in every aspect: from the décor to the organization, from the emceeing to the performances. I was promised an evening of fun, and it came true! The other person I must also thank is Caleb for creating the right atmospherics. And among the wonderful acts that unfolded, Syea Chee had delectably stirred my senses with her pulse-racing, heart-pumping, eye-popping performance that was delightfully sexy. Yes, she did a belly dance! But truth be told, every act was really enjoyable! No matter how eloquent I am, words cannot fully describe the enjoyment that is this show. And that is why I am relying on photos to do the job for me – just 12 photos that hopefully, captured the best from this show! The accolades truly belonged to all these HICT students who were involved in yet another successful student project.
Unfortunately, it won’t be a happy week because both Liverpool and Arsenal lost 2-1 to their respective opponents. These are defeats that are hard to fathom, and even harder to accept. Let us hope that the Reds in particular, "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat".

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